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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  October 5, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> i'll probably take bart. >> the gas prices are going to do what they're going to do. up, down. and i'm not going let it bother me. >> in california were to relax the standard and i'm told it's only been done once when california instituted cleaner standards so i'm told not to bet on that. >> how much are these costing us? do you have a basic car with an 18 gallon tank there is about 25 miles to the gallon. you're paying 17 to drive. if $5.65 it's governmenting you $83 to fill up. so temporary spike may not hit
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as hard as you think. california does have the cleanest gas but we do pay the price for it. coming up standards that are fueling part of the jump. >> and there are new signs the economy is improving. unemployment fell to its lower level since 2008. this is the first time it's been under the 8% mark in four years so there is a significant event. mitt romney says the drop isn't good enough. >> reason its come down is more people just stopped looking for work. >> this news is not an excuse to try to talk down the economy to store points. it's a reminder this country
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has come too far to turn back now. >> this romney campaign feeling energized but the jobs report may squash some of the phone shall momentum. stocks rally early and there is a mixed closing dow closed at 13610. >> new unsealed legal documents reveal details in the case of a san jose teacher accused of child molestation. that indicates the principal knew the lurid detail buzz failed to report the teacher. >> there is almost since she was initially charged in this case attorneys have been trying to keep notes sealed and there is a three pages.
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the principal wrote almost a year ago. >> this teacher is facing felony charges, prosecutors say he molested five girls at ob wailly elementary school. and this is notes taken by the principal. the three pages are notes the principal hand wrote when one child came forward and told her what's happening. the principal has been charged with failing to report child abuse. >> i cannot imagine upon hearing that information she was not alarmed enough to contact law enforcement. >> in this notes shea writes what the child told her, she felt something gooey, felt like maybe his tongue, mr. chandler said i'm going put something in your mouth. prosecutor says the principal
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should have gone to police. she reported it to human resources department then interviewed chandler about what the child described. >> it's extremely important mandatory reporters understand their ab bli investigation is to report not to investigate. >> the attorney representing the principal. >> what is wrong was not a complaint of abuse. waits a concern about a lesson plan being done by a teacher. when lynn interviewed the young girl her mother was in the room and heard everything being said and my client was in touch with the district and no one thought what they're being sold amounted to an act of abuse. >> a fermer teacher has since been released from the district. he's awaiting trial on five separate sexual assault charges. and the prince as pal is now
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in charge of continuing education at evergreen school district. >> thank you very much. police are investigating an officer-involved shooting that left a man dead that happened just before noon near intersection of briar gateway in a residential neighborhood. you can see the dark sedan surrounded by evidence markers. police say ab officer ran the license plate of a parked car. the information came back stolen car. and when the officer approached police say the occupant made a threatening move. >> the suspect did not comply with orders and then reached for a weapon and officer fearing the suspect was arming himself forced to use lethal force. >> and police have confirmed he died from his wounds after
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arriving at eden hospital. no one else was injured. the tree view elementary school was not far away. after shots were fire there'd is a lock down given as a precaution. >> interest there are three women accused of scamming chinese seniors out of tens of thousands of dollars in jewelry. and have now been ordered to face trial. they face charges and prosecutor says they prayed on superstitions convincing their mostly chinese speaking seeners to hand over valuables. the items then swapped out. victims told not to open the bags two weeks. >> health officials in contra costa county warning people not to touch bats after a 34-year-old resident died after contracting rain ease. this , officials say he may have contracted it in the bay area after coming into qakt a rabid bat in the southern part of the county.
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and most cases happen after people are bitten. one symptoms begin it's almost always fatal in humans. >> three suspects are under arrest after sheriff deputies say they found drugs and sawed off weapons in an inspection of their home. officers confiscated this shotgun with a rival and there is a man and two women taken in possession. >> and postal police looking for the person who pried open several mailboxes in san mateo county this weekend and took off with contents. this happened on skyline boulevard wednesday or thursday. the thief pried opt boxes and swiped letters and packages. anyone with information about these tests is asked to call u.s. postal police. >> interest there the susan
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gkomen organization rejected an offer from a site called asked the site to stop using it's name. the site stated it would donate a owe penny for every 30 views of porn-related videos. >> american air lines says it will finish inspecting 48 of the boeing jets for faulty seat fasteners. and american flight 2042 scheduled to fly to miami at 640. the airline is blaming a faulty seat locking mechanism. >> that is coming up, a perfect storm of activities
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this weekend how much people are expected to jam into san francisco. how much they'll spend. >> and we'll talk about showers coming. >> and stayúd
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>> there are cloudy skies did not put a damper on the preview and there is a formation you just saw tlchl the air show goes from noon until 4:00 p.m. saturday and sunday.
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and this is thrilling stuff. blue angels expected to bring buckets of money to the city. there is already getting congestion out there. officials see a wind fall with the good weather, and events and the visitors deep pockets. >> there is expecting what visitors spend so this is going to mean a lot to the city. >> there are officials say as you're gathering if there is so much going on we barely have time to mention it all. there is all kinds of fun events this weekend. >> and there is just a little
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bit of a hardly, districtly blue grass. this is just guys that started playing. >> there is san francisco, are you ready? >> ready for what? >> there is fleet week and 49ers playing sunday and giants playing saturday and sunday. there is justin beeber playing saturday. ma donna, saturday, sunday. ucla playing cal. >> there is one million people trying to get from points a to b, then maybe c or d. >> there is here with hopes and fans. >> this is like a rally we're getting pumped up for post
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season. >> and there is blue grass music in kbronld gate park. there is a estimated 300,000 people. 91 acts. the program does not include this group. this itty bitty string band. >> this could you get discovered like this? >> i hope so. >> on a weekend when all stars seem aligned why not? goitsing to go on for week until at least 7:00. if you didn't get in, you can see these guise guys here. and hear the music going on. >> there is all kinds of stuff,
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thank you. >> fleet week and giants post season games are just the tip of the iceberg there is also home coming weekend for both uc berkeley and stanford. cardinals caking on arizona state tomorrow at noon and there is cal playing ucla. there is a huge crowd for the game at the stick there is castro street fair is sunday. city's italian hairtidge parade taking place sunday this is at 12:30 in nornl beach. there is film festival in full swing continuing through
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october 14th. billy bob thornton will be on sunday. a justin beiber concert in oracle arena in oakland. madonna playing tomorrow and sunday. there will be a lot of people, pretty much anywhere you go this weekend. you can click on the bay area bonanza and if you have to drive our free traffic app will help you, you can down load through abc 7 >> that is good stuff. >> we want to see your playoff pride. you can e mail fan photos like this one and there is some groats will be on the air. so please sh send them in. >> and now it's time for all important events forecast. >> there is is sandhya patel.
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>> i never let you down. goitsing to be a dry forecast or events and 10:00 in the morning partly cloudy skies and there is 1:00 p.m. partly sunny skies and there is mid-60s, we'll see sunny breaks. mid-60s. there is mild weather for water activities. there is giants hosting rids redz at 6:30. there is 58 by 9:30 and clouds rolling in. this will start to cool off. if i were you i'd take a sweat shirt with you. there are low clouds and mid and high level clouds and there is now live doppler 7 hd
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there is quite a bit of clearing here. this is what it's going to be like into the weekend. there is sun and clouds. there is clouds and may soon see showers this is temperatures into 60s and 70s, 60s on the coast to this afternoon. here is coming up. cloudy skies and there is a cloud mix and a chance of showers monday and tuesday. light if we can see anything. tomorrow morning do look for partly to mostly cloudy skies there are not terribly chilly. there is a low that will keep us dry. there will be clouds from time
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to time with breaks. what's happening is that there is mild forecast for weekend, clouds, sun, then the low gets closer to us we'll bring in isolated showers monday and tuesday. and if this is sitting here longer we may need to add a possibility of drops we're keeping in for monday and tuesday. there is a mild day in the south bay. upper 60s to low 70s, 70s in menlo park there is 63 daily city. there is if you're going would i take a sweater with you. there is towards east bay, 68 in oak lbld. mild day inland areas into throw upper 70s.
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64 in carmel. 75 in morgan hill. accu-weather forecast partly cloudy, mid 60s to mid-70s for the weekend. possibility of light showers then temperatures bumping up thursday and friday there is 49ers and a lot happening, now, it's not too late to win $49,000 from abc 7. these people are taking a chance there is elizabeth t, laurie n and this is the winner announced right after the game right here october 18th blg. you can enter, too. dan keeps trying. go to face and click the but yun for details. one lucky winner will win $49,000. >> that is finney's friday
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free stuff up next.
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we're following breaking news. a back hoe operator punch toured a gas line that happened on bowling drive in the hamilton section. operator taken to the hospital and a nearby day care center about 100 houses now shelter in place and we'll keep you posted. >> there is fleet week, america's cup and maybe something, and and there is
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free stuff. >> there you go. >> starts with you this, is something you'd use and many of these events. >> and check it out. this is from bracatron. what it does is allows you to put your phone or ipad into one and still be able to use it you'll see why is this is cool. it fits a baggy and sets the phone dead on and there is you can enter through it. it's cool. >> very nice. >> then... this weekend and as a matter of fact every first weekend of every month we have got three ways to go to museums. let me show you footage here now if you're a customer of a bank of america you can get
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free admission to 150 museums nationwide here in the bay area. and we're talking about tech museum and shabo museum over in oakland and here in san francisco there is a fabulous deal, you ought to get in on it. it's a great place to see. >> here in the bay area with b of a almost everyone has got a b of a account. >> yes. >> try it out. >> and there is a phone number. >> i'm glad you asked. and there are two yimts you'll get those. >> so it's 1-800-546-7177. >> and if we didn't have enough going on here this weekend, some new orleans saints came marching in.ç%?x?xp6
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>> coming up a man opens fire on two men trying to hold up this store. tonight find out if police are calling this a vigilanto or good samaritan? >> and cheaper prices for cleaner gas. why the state is in the situation. plus... >> families are touched that people don't know. they care about them. >> and amazing work by san francisco ronald mcdonald house easing burdens of families when they need it most. stories and more coming up at 6:00. >> and there is a taste of new orleans. welcome to the mission district today. >> that is not food but music. >> occasion was a new orleans-style second line parade led by preservation hall. >> the land led it down mission to the preservation hall west of the chapel. >> elvis costello


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